Statements & Updates

October 17, 2014
For Reference: Ms. France Castro, Secretary – General, ACT, 09204166441
Mr. Carl Ramota, Spokesperson, ACT for Sovereignty, 09088743854

Detain the American soldier – murderer in PH jails:
Junk VFA and EDCA now! – ACT

October 10, 2014
For Reference: Mr. Vladimer Quetua, Deputy Secretary – General, 09204442279

Budget slashing for education and social services is Abad and PNoy’s centerpiece program!

“We challenge BS Aquino and his executives especially Butch Abad to do our job, to teach in cramped – up, crowded, unventilated classrooms and from there tell us if we really deserve a salary increase. Subukan n’yo lumabas muna d’yan sa air-conditioned n’yong mga tanggapan at nang maranasan n’yo rin ang hirap na aming dinadanas,” ended Ms. Castro.