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“Quality of education in the country is not solely dependent upon the teachers. It is more dependent upon the learning environment, learning materials and facilities. According to the recently implemented RPMS, it is designed to squeeze us to do more beyond our limits by obliging us to have an output of 130%. Where in the world can you see a system wherein an employee is asked to have an output that is beyond 100%? This is something very inhumane and is in violation of our rights to be treated accordingly and rightfully. As a matter of fact, the present system already requires us too much. We are doing our workloads beyond the working hours. After class, we are bringing home with us our students’ academic outputs for us to evaluate and assess it. Aside from it, we are doing also allot of class preparation matters at home. Nakakatawa nga isipin na kaming mga guro ay siya pang walang oras upang turuan ang aming mga anak sa bahay dala ng napakarami naming dala-dalang trabaho mula eskwelahan,” said Ms. France Castro, Alliance of Concerned Teachers secretary-general.

“Last August 25, National Heroes Day, BS Aquino recognized our teachers as heroes but this recognition is simply a rhetoric and is of no significance if this will not translate into making the lives of our teachers better. The current pay levels given to our public school teachers and employees are not able to give them decent and better living status. The increase given during the last administration was only eaten up by the high inflation rate in the country, sky-rocketing increases in the prices of basic commodities and services. The P18, 549 monthly pay given to our teachers is way below the basic pay of call center agents, Philippine Military Academy cadet and other professionals. It is teachers which educated our professionals, but it is them (teachers) who is still unable to attain better living status for their own families,” said Ms. France Castro, ACT’s secretary-general.

September 9, 2014
For Reference: Ms. France Castro, Secretary – General, 09204166441

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